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Never Go Back Once You Have Tried Autoglym
Posted in InterParts Blog by Admin on March 1st 2013

Autoglym is a UK based company that has been manufacturing high quality valeting products for more than 45 years. 

Autoglym Makes Your Car Feel Valuable

With their technology and products being used by manufacturers, valeting professionals, body-shops, and the general vehicle enthusiast; they have established a reputation for providing people with everything that they need to keep their vehicle looking brand new. 

InterParts’ collection of Autoglym valeting products covers the complete car valeting process by taking care of bumper and exterior trim, engine bay, paintwork, upholstery and interior trim, vehicle washing, wheels and tyres, windows, mirrors, glass, and other miscellaneous parts. All of which, in the end, make your vehicle look impeccable and maintain its value.

Valeting Keeps Your Vehicle Crisp And Clean

Whether you want only a basic wash or an in depth cleaning of your car making it sleek and shiny, InterParts will provide all that you need.

The reason why car valeting becomes so essential is because vehicles experience a lot of mileage and during these journeys, they encounter a lot of damaging factors such as extreme weather conditions; bird droppings, dust, grit and stones, insects on the wind-shield, wreck less vandalism and emissions from other vehicles.

Therefore regular maintenance of your car‘s appearance alongside its mechanics is crucial if you want a vehicle you can be proud of.

At InterParts you can order supplies online via the website and have them delivered straight to your door. We always try to maintain low, competitive prices on all our products without ever compromising on the quality. 

To know more about Autoglym and car valeting services/products call Interparts at 0191 447 2126.

To order log on to the website and view the range of products all at great prices.

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