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Get The Best Out Of Your Car With Farecla
Posted in InterParts Blog by admin on March 1st 2013

Whether you want your car to be spic and span or just a basic wash to keep it presentable, Interparts will take care of things for you with a first class range of valeting products.

World Class Manufacturer And Supplier Of Vehicle Surface Finishing Solutions 

Established in 1952 by a French chemist and a British businessman, Farecla has developed to become one of the finest leaders in vehicle surface finishing products. Exporting to over 120 countries worldwide, Farecla’s comprehensive range of products include cutting compounds – G3 paste, advanced G3 liquid, G4 liquid, G4, G6, G7 for cellulose-based products, G10 (finishing compounds), Glaze (provides showroom finish), Flatting (G-Matt, common paintwork preparations problem solution), Waxes (high gloss finish), and Applicators (backing pads, finishing cloths).

Your Car Needs Constant Love And Care

Car valeting and detailing products are fundamental to preserve the all round well being and maintenance of a vehicle. When you show care towards your vehicle and conserve it in an excellent condition, it will never be drastically undervalued if it reaches a point where it need to be sold. Valeting is necessary because the vehicle is often exposed to extreme weather conditions; bird droppings (acidity in the droppings damages a vehicle’s finish); dust, grit and stones (when these hit your car at a good speed, the external finish will start to chip); insects, vandalism (scratch marks and dents), emissions (exhaust system particles sit on the exterior).

To know more about Farecla and car valeting services/products call InterParts at 0191 4472126.

Alternatively you can visit us in person at our unit in Leechmere Industrial Estate, Sunderland. Our address and directions can be found on our website.

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