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Prevent Your Vehicle From Rust With Waxoyl
Posted in InterParts Blog by Admin on April 16th 2013

Most metals are prone to rusting. With years of use and abuse, various elements take their toll on the metal of vehicles and can cause it to rust. Rusting usually starts with a chip in the paint, enabling the elements to react with the metal causing it to rust.

Rust proves to be a cosmetic as well as a safety danger to your vehicle. When important components become rusted they become damaged and unreliable, causing the car to be dangerous to drive. Rusting is a constant threat and if left to fester can be very difficult to repair.

If you are wondering how you can make your vehicle look lustrous and rust free; look no further than waxoyl

Give Your Car The Showroom Look With Waxoyl

This is an effective solution by Hammerite, which can be applied to surfaces to prevent rust.  It works by creating a barrier between the vehicle, moisture and dirt. It has a special ingredient, which effectively inhibits rust and tackles existing bad spots. This car valeting product can be applied inside of doors, behind sills, chassis and anywhere that water is likely to collect.

Why Waxoyl Is A Real Rust Proofing Champion?

Waxoyl contains water repellent additives and high performance inhibitors and thus offers long term protection against corrosion. It has good penetrative characteristics, which enable it to treat hard to reach areas including crevices, corners and cavities. This car valeting product is wax based and thus offers long lasting adherence and forms a clear, water resistant and highly flexible protective film. This product will not restrict or plug water drain holes. It is UV impregnated, which allows you to see where it has been applied.

To know more about this product as well as other car valeting products contact InterParts Online on telephone: 0191 447 2126.

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