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VARTA is without doubt one of the top vehicle battery manufacturers and suppliers in the world and InterParts is extremely proud to be an authorised stockist. VARTA's parent company Johnson Controls is the world's leader in the manufacture of car and van batteries and injects huge amounts of money into research & development to ensure their batteries are at the forefront of technology, thus giving you peace of mind knowing that you have purchased a battery that is unlikely to let you down even in the most extreme of circumstances.
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VARTA has a vast and extensive range of batteries, which ensures that there is a VARTA battery available for you car, van, motorbike and leisure vehicle. Not only does VARTA supply batteries to the aftermarket they are also 'Original Equipment Manufacturers - OEM'. VARTA batteries have such a well earned reputation that they are often the number one choice for vehicle manufacturers when they are choosing which battery to fit into their new cars. All in all if you fit a VARTA battery to your vehicle you can be sure you are fitting a quality product that will, if looked after, give you many years of trouble free service all backed with a fully supported GUARANTEE.

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