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Cars and vans today are manufactured with a mind boggling array of electronic parts, often designed to reduce emissions and make the vehicle more fuel efficient. As with all electronic devices they go wrong and need replacing.
At InterParts we carry in stock and can order a wide range of electronic components such as - pencil coils, coil packs, EGR valves, air flow sensors, ABS sensors, HT leads, lambda sensors and all other types of diagnostic sensors that are fitted to your car or van. For the older vehicles we can also supply distributor caps and rotor arms etc.
All the parts we sell are either to Original Equipment (OE) specification or Block Exemption Regulation (BER) compliant. Allowing you to fit them to your vehicle knowing that any warranty you have in place will remain valid.

Product range

Ignition coils and lead sets

Pencil and plug top coil - 


Both pencil and plug top coils offer similar advantages for vehicle manufacturers.The compact design allows them to be easily adapted to suit engine layout, while having one coil firing per cylinder gives a longer time for each coil to accumulate charge.

Rail coil -


These are four or two coils mounted together that fit directly on top of the engine. In the four coil configuration they operate in a similar way to pencil and plug top coils. In the two coil configuration they operate a wasted spark system.

Coil pack - 


These coils normally operate a wasted spark system and their design offers a high energy density, enabling a mass reduction of up to 40% compared with other ignition coils. They are also more resilient to heat and vibration damage because they are normally placed away from the spark plugs.

Oil filled coil - 


The original coil design is extremely simple and resilient to high temperatures and is fitted to all vehicles with distributors.