Flap discs

Flap discs

InterParts supply quality flap discs manufactured by well known companies such as Abracs, York, Dronco and 3M.

Flap discs are used with grinders for weld grinding, general de-burring, cleaning or to remove rust and paint, primarily from metals where a good surface finish is required. Often used as an alternative to sanding, fibre and grinding discs, flap discs have overlapping abrasive coated cloth strips that slowly wear away exposing new cutting material, thus preventing the disc from excessive clogging. This type of disc maintains a consistent cutting ability throughout its life span.

When choosing a flap disc there are two main type of abrasive material used in manufacture.

  • Aluminium oxide - perfect for general purpose sanding i.e. steel
  • Zirconium oxide - perfect for sanding stainless steel (can also be used for general purpose jobs)

Flap discs come in a variety of different diameters -100 mm (4"), 115 mm (4.5"), 127 mm (5") and 180 mm (7")

They also come in a number of grit finishes - please check below for usage suggestions (P36 is the coarsest and P120 is the finest)

  • P36 - stock removal, edge chamfering and weld grinding
  • P40 - edge chamfering and weld grinding
  • P60 - de-burring and rust removal
  • P80 - rust removal and finishing
  • P120 - finishing

You also have the choice of two main backing materials when it comes to flap discs, either aluminium or fibre backed plates. If you need to ensure a scratch free finish when using a flap disc and reduced vibration it's recommended to choose a fibre backed disc.

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