Farecla surface finishing products

Farecla are one of the undisputed leaders in the production of vehicle surface finishing products. The company was established by a British business man and a French chemist in 1952 and has, since then, gone from strength to strength. Committed to developing market leading products using only premium materials Farecla now export to over 120 countries around the world.

Farecla's product lines

Farecla produce a comprehensive range of solutions to enable the user to produce superb results when surface finishing their vehicle.

  • Cutting compounds - G3 paste, Advanced G3 liquid, G4 and G6 products as well as G7 compounds for cellulose based paints.
  • Finishing compounds - G10 liquid
  • Glaze - provides a showroom finish
  • Flatting - G-Matt, a solution to common paintwork preparation problems
  • Waxes - Wax top liquid providing a high gloss finish
  • Applicators - Advanced G-Mop compound and polishing foam, backing pads and finishing cloths

Research and development - surface finishing

Continued investment in the Farecla brand of products, while working closely with paint manufacturers, allows the company to stay at the forefront of the surface finishing industry with unique solutions that provide exceptional results. Current products are improved and new products are designed and released to keep up with the pace of modern paint technology. Farecla surface finishing products cater for the demands of high and ultra high solids paint technology whilst allowing the user to produce exceptional results with ease, speed, minimal wastage all at a reasonable cost.

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